Five’s a Charm

I’ve almost done it! The 5th and final clue is due out on Friday, and I’m right on track to finish. Unless Romi decides to finish with a complicated, time intensive lace edge, which is truly a possibility. I shall not be deterred!!!

Clue 4 was another fun one – a second asymmetric lace section . . . → Read More: Five’s a Charm

3 Down, Two to Go

Right on schedule! Romi’s Mystery Shawl 2017 is progressing swimmingly, and on time. And as always, a fun, engaging set of unique stitches and design, each clue leaving me wanting more! Isn’t that what a Mystery is suppose to be all about?!

My usual pattern with a Mystery is to dive in enthusiastically, choosing colors, . . . → Read More: 3 Down, Two to Go

It’s Always A Good Mystery!

A mystery KAL. One of my favorite yarns. My favorite designer. PINK! The stars have aligned!



Romi’s Mystery Shawl 2017 started a little more than a week ago. Woohoo!!! Hers are the best. Always something unusual yet beautiful. And this one is no exception. Clue 1 was pretty straight forward. A Garter . . . → Read More: It’s Always A Good Mystery!

How ‘Bout Another Sweater?

Yesterday was day one of Spring. What was this Oregonian doing? Putting the finishing touches on my just completed Icelandic sweater, of course. Ha! Just in time for the warmer weather ahead. Think I’ll start a summer cardi now. If my current record holds, I should be sewing buttons on as the first snowflakes start . . . → Read More: How ‘Bout Another Sweater?

No Place Like Home

I love traveling and exploring new parts of the world. In fact, I usually have my next adventure booked before ending the one I’m on. Point in case – we reserved a cabin aboard a 2018 Caribbean yacht cruise before disembarking in Bali. But traveling is hard. Planning, packing, airports, living out of a suitcase, . . . → Read More: No Place Like Home

From Oven to Freezer

Wow! Am sitting in my favorite knitting spot, watching as huge snowflakes fall just outside my window. Hard to believe I was quenching the tropical heat with an Aussie beer just a week ago. Yup, I’m home, ready to dive head first into some cozy Oregon wool.

What a great trip! As if nearly 3 . . . → Read More: From Oven to Freezer

At Sea Down Under

I could get use to this! My biggest decision each day? Get up for breakfast, or sleep in and have lunch as my 1st meal. OK, not quite that simple, but pretty darn close. One of my morning routines, which I love, love, love is to walk the Promenade deck. So much better, and more . . . → Read More: At Sea Down Under

Not Like Anything I’ve Seen Before

We’ve been down under for a week now. What a cool place! Hot as the dickens – 100degrees+ in Brisbane yesterday. And the freaky, deekyest animals I’ve ever seen.

Part two of Jay’s and my Australian adventure kicked in last Friday (Thursday for y’all). We boarded the Crystal Symphony Cruise ship for a 13 day . . . → Read More: Not Like Anything I’ve Seen Before

Here We Go: Down Under Week 1

We’re off to the land down under. 3 days in Sydney, then a 13-day cruise up the Gold Coast. Koala Bears, alligators, kangaroos, boomerangs, Didgeridoos, Australian sheep, and hopefully some fun new blend of wool. Just hubby and me. Woohoo!!!

We started our big adventure on Sunday afternoon. Headed to the airport early, trying to . . . → Read More: Here We Go: Down Under Week 1

Oh Sweet Mystery, At Last I’ve Found You

My oh my, how I love a good mystery. And when knitting is one of the key components? Well, that’s perfection!

Last Wednesday, Clue one of the 2017 Rose City Yarn Crawl Mystery Along was released. Yippee! Most characteristic of my knitting style, I could not decide on a single color combination, so I started . . . → Read More: Oh Sweet Mystery, At Last I’ve Found You