No Matter Where

There’s only one activity I love more than knitting – traveling. And some of my favorite places in the world wouldn’t be a knitting place of choice for most. But not me! Nothing better than knitting in my swimsuit on the balcony of a cruise ship, or on a Caribbean beach, sand and heat abounding. Am currently completing leg 3 of our 2011 family vacation; a day at Hogsmeade (with too many butter beers) via Universal Studios, 7 days in the southern Caribbean, then 4 days at Disneyworld Orlando, visiting with my son who has the enviable job of escorting the Princesses around the parks.

Anne knitting on a cruiseAhh, family vacation. Who ever thought of this was not in their right mind! Vacation is supposed to be a highly deserved, relaxing, rejuvenating respit from the rigors of day to day life at home. WRONG!!! Four people (one an emotionally volatile teenage girl with a new love back home), up at the wee hours of the morning to get to the airport and hustle through security checks, on a jam-packed airplane for 8 hours, living in the same tiny room and sharing a single bathroom for 14 days, trying hopelessly to synchronize everyone’s activity and food choices . . . well you get the picture. Sure, there’s priceless memories and a great feeling of togetherness. And I wouldn’t trade the time spent with the one’s I adore most for anything. But let’s not let those travel agents and brochures trick us again. Family vacation is fun. But relaxing? How ’bout “no.”

Therefore, a knitting project (like socks) is an essential item to pack in your family vacation survival arsenal. When teenage daughter is in tears because she used up the $100 Internet allotment and can’t get on Facebook, retreat to a private corner with needles and yarn in hand – for me, watching the ocean stream by from my cabin’s veranda –  and truly kick back!

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