What to do with those tiny remnants?

100 grams makes a pair of socks, right?  WRONG!  100 grams makes a pair, and then some.  So what to do with the ‘some.’  I’m always sad when I finish a pair of socks and have to say good-bye to that precious tidbit left over from an absolutely cherished skein of sock yarn, painstakingly selected to be an honored guest in my stash.
Not enough to make any one thing with. And throwing out perfectly good yarn? Well, that’s a cardinal sin!  If you roll them in cute little balls and put them in a hurricane vase, they look kinda pretty and artistic.  But its yarn, after all, just begging to be put to good use on a pair of needles. Who am I to deny that little bit of fiber its destiny.

Ta da!  I solved the conundrum.  Crazy socks.  A whole mess of mixed up, crazy yarn, put together in a show-stopping pair of socks.  And along the way, helping me complete yet another of the 20 pairs of Wendy socks I’ve committed to knitting.  I have my first toe started with a wee bit of Sanguine Gryphon’s Bugga in ‘Adonis Butterfly’ – a delightfully bright turquoise blue.  Think I’ll do the second toe in something pink.  Knowing my predilection for knitting socks, one can only imagine the array of colorful remnants I’ll use.  And whoa is me, it will be a long, drawn out, thoroughly enjoyable labor of love.  Certainly not anklets.  Typical height socks? I think not.  I’m guessing thigh highs.

So watch me go forth with my crazy remnant socks as I knit the Lacy Rib pattern.  I’ll keep you visually informed by posting photos as I add each new color. What fun!

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