Sock Summit Stash

What the heck does a yarn store owner need from the Sock Summit Marketplace? More yarn – always!

While I wasn’t able to get in on any classes (a little thing called a wedding kinda took center stage), I was able to make it for 2 hours on Saturday morning. And open up my wallet I did?  Have to check out all the new yarn, you know.  Might be something I need to carry at the shop.  And finds?  Yup!  I narrowed my search to yarn with cashmere, and still was bowled over.  Here’s a few of my favorites:

Little Red Bicycle.  Aside from the adorable name, the yarn is luscious.  I stumbled across ‘Dapper’ – Merino wool, cashmere and silk.  Wow!  I’m more of a sock than a shawl girl, but this one might just be too nice to wear on my feet.  I chose an incredibly deep, rich emerald green called Cthuluh – a 1920’s sea monster apparently trapped in an undersea city in the South Pacific.  Whatever; its simply gorgeous.  I also found a lace and fingering weight yarn with a strand of gold (warm colors) or silver (cool colors) running through it.  All three of these yummies are on their way to the shops bins.  Yeah!

Dragonfly Fibers.  I walked into this booth and did what I always do – looked for cashmere and pink.  Slap me silly!  Don’t I have every shade of pink sock yarn ever made?  Apparently not.  Well, I forced myself to think outside the box, and came up with ‘Golden Pear’ – a neon chartreuse with pops of magenta and bright orange.  Now that’s different!  The base is called Djinni Sock, and is (you guessed it) cashmere and merino.  And whoa is me, I found another skein of pink I had to have – ‘Sixteen Candles.’  Look for Djinni Sock in the FYS sock corner soon, too.

A couple new needles, project bags, some lotion, and a Sock Summit Pint Glass, and I was on my way out the door.  Now, what to make with my new goodies (watch my feet for some incredibly flashy socks – a Wendy J pattern, of course).

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