A True Find

Every now and then, you come across something (for me, its yarn or wine) that makes your heart sing.  “Every now and then” happened to me last week.  Knitted Wit, one of the local Indy dyers I work with, told me about her newest brain child – Cypress Hollow Yarn.  Lorajean was inspired by the Rachael Herron romance series, which take place on a Central California Coast sheep ranch, and have as their heroine . . . you guessed it, a knitter!  Squeals of delight!  Each color is named after one of the books’ fictional characters. I thought, “What a great marketing angle.”  And the base – Wyoming raised and milled Rambouillet wool, a member of the merino family.  However, her description of the yarn as ‘rustic’ gave me pause. Stickers, grass, and scratchiness came to mind.  Hmmm?  So I asked her to send me a sample to check out, before committing to have it at the shop, don’t ya know.

What a delight when I retrieved the package from the mailbox!  Lorajean read me well, and sent me a lovely shade of pink – named ‘Whitney.’  The skein was anything but rustic. Perfectly skeined with a heart shaped tag announcing the yarn’s name, and (oh my goodness, too adorable) a quote from Whitney on the reverse side.  But sight is only a peripheral requirement for yarn.  How does it feel in your hand while knitting?  Well the verdict is in, and the yarn is absolutely fantastic!!!  Bouncy, elastic, a tad bit rustic in that it’s fat and thin.  And my favorite part – THE LANOLIN! There is nothing quite like the soft, waxy, down-to-earth feel of real lanolin working through your fingers. Mmmmmmm! Needless to say, coming to your favorite LYS (me) soon, in 12 of Knitted Wit’s eye-popping colors.  Yahoo!

I’m currently working my ‘Whitney’ up in a fingerless glove pattern – Poor Poet’s Mitts from Wendy J’s latest book.  OK, its not one of her socks, but I get partial credit for staying true to the author, right?

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