Old Dog Learns New Tricks

I still remember the day I decided to knit my first sock. The very kind but misguided store clerk told me I really should learn using dpns, as this was the ‘traditional’ way to knit socks. When she noted the grimace on my face, she made the mistake to say “well there is an alternative.” And so marks the beginning of my love affair with the Magic Loop.

I recently began teaching folks to knit socks. One very kind lady nearly bowed out when I told her I’d never knit a sock on double point needles, and didn’t know how to get her started on a toe up sock any other way than with the Magic Loop method. See where this is going?

So . . . I guess I have to bite the bullet and give those silly little sticks a try. Haven’t figured out Judy’s Magic Cast-on with dpns, but did cast on the toe for the ‘Ribbed Ribbon Sock, then moved it to the 4 needles. So far so good. We’ll see what happens when I pack it up for the car ride to my store – fingers crossed I don’t open my bag and find needles clanging around in the bottom, with no yarn attached.

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