Oh my, Christmas

Wow!  Only 10 days til Santa touches down on our rooftops.  Are you sick and tired of hearing that? Sorry.

I’m totally amazed and impressed every day with how many of you all are knitting gifts for Christmas / Hanukah / Kwanza.  It’s also pretty funny to watch the day by day migration toward the Super Bulky yarns, as the holiday grows closer.  Did you know they don’t make 16″ needles in a size 50?  Go figure?!

Kidding aside, its great!  What a wonderful way to tell someone you care.  In fact, I’m so proud of all my fellow knitters that I broke my cardinal knitting rule – never knit something with a deadline.  I adopted this rule years ago when I tried to knit too many holiday gifts, and ended up hating to knit (only for 3 months, but that was like an eternity).  Well, I got swept away by the holiday frenzy this year, and started a hat for my dear hubbie’s stocking. And silly me, do you think I chose a basic watch cap style.  NO WAY!  It’s a broken rib, using small needles. HA!  Not only do I have hours of knitting ahead of me, but I have to sneak it in when he’s not around so as to preserve the element of surprise (Shh, don’t tell him).  Boy, when I break a rule, I do it with style.

Needless to say, socks are on hold.  But still in the cue.

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