Knitting In The New Year

OK, I’m making all those typical New Year’s Resolutions – get less  ‘of ample proportions,’ lower my consumption of cosmopolitans and Zinfandel, get up off the couch more often and move my heinie, yada yada yada . . .  I’m sure I’ll be as robust and pickled this time next year, but will make the pledge anyway.

Now for the goal I can meet, and will delight in striving towards.  Enjoy knitting. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I already enjoy yarn and knitting quite a lot.  But this year, I’m going to indulge in the genuine process of the art, absent the pressure to finish ANYTHING!  NOT A THING! NADA! ZIP! DIDDLY-SQUAT!  Imagine – diving into an absolutely gorgeous, must-have skein of uber-soft decadence, with absolutely nothing in mind other than experiencing the feel of it as it flows through your fingers and across the needles.  Experimenting with different size needles and stitches, just to see what happens.  And if the journey finds a finished project at the end – why, what an unexpected but rewarding thrill.

That’s what 2012 knitting is going to be for me, at least to start with.  No more broken promises to reduce my embarrassingly gargantuan UFO accumulation.  And no guilt when I absolutely have to give that new sock yarn a whirl.  Of course, on those days I feel the urge to exercise my right brain, and add a sense of organization and accomplishment to my life, I have my bevy of socks all in various stages of completion to give me solace.  Oooo!  This is going to be a fun year!!!

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