Dovestone DK, Filey (Retired)

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Baa Ram Ewe's mission - to make beautiful yarns that celebrate Yorkshire's woolly heritage. Their latest yarn, Dovestone DK, showcases Britain's local Masham sheep breed. The Dark Brown Masham sheep is a lovely looking breed with ringlets of fleece, as well as a sturdiness and loftiness inherited from its hill loving ancestors. Reflecting the unique combination of strength and softness ingrained in the personality of Yorkshire folk, the Masham is so synonymous with the region's wool heritage, it continues to have its own wool fair each year.

Yorkshire farmers have long known the phenomenal result that comes from blending their local Masham fiber with the highly sought after Blue Face Leicester wool. Add the silky wool from another local Yorkshire favorite, Wensleydale, and the result is a truly special yarn. Soft yet robust, with a delightful woolly bounciness, Dovestone DK is a great choice for pullovers, cardigans, accessories and home items.

100% British Yarn, spun and dyed in historic Yorkshire:
25% Dark Brown Masham
25% Wensleydale
50% Blue Face Leicester
252 yards / 100 grams
5.5 stitches per inch
US 6-7

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