3 Down, Two to go

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3 Down, Two to go

Right on schedule!  Romi’s Mystery Shawl 2017 is progressing swimmingly, and on time.  And as always, a fun, engaging set of unique stitches and design, each clue leaving me wanting more!  Isn’t that what a Mystery is suppose to be all about?!

My usual pattern with a Mystery is to dive in enthusiastically, choosing colors, and dropping everything else when the 1st clue arrives in my library. But then, as with many of my eagerly started projects, I lose interest, fall behind a clue (or two), and eventually abandon the project.  The up side – lots of repurposed yarn.  Well, not the case this go round.  As with her previous Mystery shawls, Romi keeps you on your toes.  Each clue is a totally new and unexpected experience.  Like Clue two (the asymmetric lace section utilizing short rows), the 3rd section has been totally intriguing.  With a few ‘just knit’ rows to give me a break every so often (even though we complain about endless stockinette, who doesn’t like to just knit periodically), Clue 3 creates a checkerboard pattern with a series of passed stitch rows.  Very pretty!  And the pink and blue are working together perfectly.  All in all, a fun one.  Thanks a bunch, Romi!




Clue 3 finished with three days to spare.  What to do with my time?  Hmmm?  Ha! Won’t be a problem for this over committed knitter.  Off to my overflowing WIPs hiding place.  Cheerio!


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