4-Day Sweater Calculation

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4-Day Sweater Calculation

A sweater in four days? You must be kidding! Well, just like artistic license taken when knitting a pattern, so to will I take liberty to calculate what amounts to 'a day.'

I wish I could set aside 4 full days to do nothing but knit, eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom.  In that order.  But whoa is me, I have a family, dogs, and other commitments that keep me from plopping on the couch for days on end, to emerge in a new sweater.  The design is lovely, the yarn I chose is pure heaven, and the concept is wacky enough to grab my attention.  But, . . .


So what's in a day?  24 hours to start with.  But heck, sleep is kinda necessary to maintain some semblance of sanity.  I'm good on 6 hours a night, leaving me 18 hours to knit.  But yuck - four days without a shower?  No way!  Takes me 45 minutes to sparkle and shine each day.  So that's 17 and a quarter hours left in the day.  Take away 15 minutes to stretch and go potty; down to 17.  And I am a foodie for sure.  30 minutes three times a day should get 'er done.  Add 30 minutes for the doggie trips to the front lawn, and I'm at 15 hours each day for my Beehive adventure.  The way I figure it, that means 60 hours total to whip out a gorgeous new cardigan for Fall.  Now that I think I can do.


I started on Sunday and with 5 hours down, have made it to the start of the Little Bee Texture pattern.  So far, a very enjoyable knit.  I especially appreciate the frequent stops to 'check in' (ie - check I have the correct stitch count).  So far so good.  And shock of all shocks - I switched up my color.  Wanted something sunny and bright, so abandoned my beloved pink for a gorgeous gold, Brass Band. 55 hours left and counting.  Wish me luck!


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