A Lovely Guthrie

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A Lovely Guthrie

It never fails. Just as I settle into a comfortable rhythm, a shiny object crosses my path. And man oh man, am I a sucker for a shiny object, especially if yarn's involved.

For the past couple of weeks, I've found a new found love for my multitude of UFOs.  Partly I think, because I have a design that needs to be finished on a deadline.  Like homework in school, or tasks around the house - something you have to do rather than choose to do loses its 'fun' factor.  So I've been making forays into my seemingly bottomless pit of partly knitted projects.  And what fun I've been having.  Rediscovered my love of Shetland wool and made some real progress on my Fair Isle Sampler Hat (a Maryjane Mucklestone design), peerie by enjoyable, colorful peerie.  I finished the lower body and started the sleeves on Kate Davies' Carbeth, knit in a beautiful dark pink alpaca silk wool blend from the Fibre Company. My Shift Cowl made it well into the decrease section, on its way to the finishing  and grafting steps.  And I rediscovered how much fun cables can be without being slowed down by a cable needle.  My beautiful pale blue Koolhaas Hat offered the ideal way to spend a sunny summer morning, cup of coffee in hand and puppy dogs at my feet.  Making real progress toward my 2018 goal to finish as many UFOs as knitterly possible.


But of course, that shiny object caught my eye, and I went right back down the rabbit hole.  Over the past few days, we at the shop noticed a bunch of similar on-line yarn orders come through.  3 skeins of Dyed In the Wool, all the same color.  Weird?!  Usually that means a new and popular new design on Ravelry.  Curious, I asked the Spinsters, and yup.  Caitlin Hunter released a gorgeous new pullover sweater design on Monday - Guthrie.  It's knit from the top down, and combines a solid main color yarn with the spectacular, slow, dramatic color changes of Dyed In the Wool.  Hmm?  But I have a ridiculously large number of sweater projects lined up, so no way could I start another, right?  Wrong!  Immediately, my mind started running through the color possibilities.  My go-to pink? FYS has an exclusive colorway, Goddess Above the Clouds that'd be stunning against a creamy white.  Melancholia's deep shades of green, teal, navy and purple on a gray background, perhaps?  Or maybe smething totally different for me - yellows.  Narcissus would work on either off-white or gray.  Whoa is me.  Totally and completely sucked in!!!  Anyone want to join me?


To my credit, I've kept the UFOs in visual range.  They'll be my new shiny objects, so when Guthrie starts to become less compelling, there'll be instant distractions at the ready.  And that project with a nasty deadline around its neck?  Argh!  Somehow, it'll get just the right amount of love, and get across the finish line on time.  Tough life of a knitter, eh?


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