A Sock Knitter's Countdown to Christmas

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A Sock Knitter's Countdown to Christmas

Ah, the wonderful feeling each day of being that much closer to Christmas. Glittered paper with little windows that when opened, reveal a pretty picture of a holiday treat. Or for some, a daily sweet chocolate treat. So how's a knitter to count the days? Let me tell you.

One of my favorite holiday traditions as a little girl was when, on December 1st, I got to open that first little window on my advent calendar.  I have a younger brother, and for a while, we had just one calendar between the two of us, so we took turns.  Which was fine - we equally delighted in finding the correct numbered window (typically, they were randomly dispersed across the glitter covered paper).  Each year, a different holiday scene held all these magical little windows.  Of course, the prize, as well as the largest window was number 24.  It often had two little flaps to open, and always revealed something spectacular, like Santa.  In later years, the paper windows revealed not a picture, but a piece of candy or chocolate.  Which meant my parents had to buy two - no way Maxie and I would share the sweet treats.  Ah, what memories.  And what simplistic things brought us such joy.  I continued this tradition with my own kids, having almost as much fun as they did with each passing days surprises. Even now, with all five grown, and most out on their own, I have fun making an 'adult' advent calendar.  Julia, my youngest daughter visits each day, and my son Andrew still lives at home.  The calendar has grown in size to 2' x 3'.  And rather than tiny bits of chocolate or pretty, sparkly pictures, there are daily holiday Dad jokes (see below) and other treats, such as holiday socks, truffles, ornaments, and tiny bottle of Kahlua or Baileys.  Yes, I think my kids like me.


So what about me?  What can a knitter do to recreate that daily excitement as Christmas approaches?  Well, while exploring Ravelry, I stumbled upon the perfect answer.  Natalie Sheldon's 2020 Advent Socks.  A free pattern that can be knit with leftovers from other sock projects.  Hallelujah!  And perfect for me.  Each sock portrays an emerging little village, with some little houses tucked in amongst trees, then progressing as you knit to larger city scapes and high rise buildings.  The designer knit hers with two different back ground colors; a light color for one representing daytime, and the other on in a darker color to portray a village at night.  I decided to make both of mine nighttime socks.  Dark gray for my background.  For the colorwork, I'm using up all my Dyed in the Wool scraps, of which I have a lot.  Yellow for the starry sky, green for trees, then fading shades of reds and earthy tones (Ghost Ranch) as my little houses grow into cities.  The designer did a great job breaking each day's knitting down into 24 equal parts; about 10-15 rounds per day.  And if I stick with it, both socks will be done when Santa parks his sleigh on my roof on Christmas Eve.  Woohoo! 


So far so good - have easily completed the 1st four days worth.  I feel like a kid again, excited to wake up each morning, settle down with coffee, dogs and a warm fire, and dive into my daily countdown-to-Christmas knitting treat.  Ho, ho, ho! Happy holidays!!!


Holiday Dad Jokes

What did Mrs. Claus tell Rudolph when he was grumpy?

"You need to lighten up."


Why was Mrs. Claus cryng?

Because she stubbed her mistletoe.


Why did Santa pay top dollar for a box of candy canes?

Because they were in mint condition.


Why do snowmen (and women) always change their mind?

Because they're flaky.


Knock knock.

     Who's there? 


    Annie who?

Annie body want some Christmas cookies?







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