A Stocking For Rosie

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A Stocking For Rosie

Less than 3 months 'til Christmas. Time to put aside my favorite knits and make Rosie a stocking. Ho, Ho, Ho!

I am also so impressed by the many crafters that, once Labor Day passes, start making their holiday gifts.  A steady, diligent stream of knitters and crochet lovers coming in to buy yarn for the many handmade lovelies to wrap up under the tree.  Me?  I start the fall swearing up and down that I don't knit gifts.  Then around Turkey Day, as I start making my holiday shopping list, the little knitting fairy on my shoulder whispers 'you should make a hat, mittens, scarf (fill in the blank - there's so many possibilities) for so and so.'  I end up scrambling at the last minute to get things finished, blocked, wrapped, and sometimes off in the mail.  Every year I commit to getting an early start, and every year the November witching hour creeps up on me.  Until this year, at least with Rosie's project.


This will be Rosalie's 2nd Christmas.  The youngest of three adorable little girls (no bias here), Rose had a baby's 1st Christmas stocking last year for Gramma to fill with goodies.  Each of the big sisters have a hand-knit Fair Isle stocking a la Gramma - Sophie's with a Christmas tree motif, and Claire's with a wreath.  I've had nearly two years to get the third one done.  So when the leaves started turning colors, I realized I'd done it again, procrastinating far too long.  Time to get on it.  I actually had the yarn set aside, so was able to jump right in.  And I have a great collection of stocking patterns to draw from, Annie's Woolens Christmas Stockings.  15 different Fair Isle stocking patterns with all kinds of holiday motifs.  Rosalie gets a moose that amazingly looks very much like a reindeer.  I was off and knitting!


Fast forward two weeks.  The stocking is done!  Whoa is me, I stuck to it, not knitting any of my umpteen projects until the stocking was complete. I even have it blocked.  Shocking!  A very wonderful fellow knitter, Jan, was so kind to line the big girls' stockings with fabric (I don't sew), and has fabric waiting for this 3rd one.  Hooray!  Rosalie will have a matching hand-knit stocking to fill with candy and toys along side her sisters' this Christmas.  Perhaps I should learn from this and start those other gifts that will surely creep their way into my project basket.




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