Ah, Romi

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Ah, Romi

Its here! The knitting event I've been waiting for since last spring. Not the Crawl. Not Madrona. It's my annual absolutely do project - The 2018 Romi Mystery Knit-Along. Woohoo!

I love mystery knit-alongs. They're the ideal way for me to get things done.  Broken down into small steps with a deadline.  I do quite well with defined schedules and goals. A testament to my success with mysteries?  Pretty much all of the shawls hanging in my shop.  And the majority are designs of my favorite designer, Rosemary Hill (aka Romi).


I've always loved Romi's style.  Calliope's Odyssey was my first ever foray into lace; its prominently displayed in the sock corner.  And I have all of the Small Shawl series.  But it was her fabulous mystery KALs that got me hooked.  Each one offers not just 5 fun 'clues,' but unique, unusual, tantalizing techniques.  The first had a transition between colors so intricate, she provided a video tutorial.  Last year's shawl incorporated short rows, creating an asymmetrical half circle.  One clue in, and I'm already doing things differently than with any other shawl I've knit - knit end to end, then pick up stitches along the edge and knit a different direction.  So much fun!  Can't wait to see what comes next.


Now, as much as I like mystery KALs, I have become a little selective, sticking with designers I'm familiar with and like their style.  Sorry Stephen West, but I pass on your MKALs.  I started Andrea Mowry's What the Fade last fall.  After starting and restarting numerous times, and never quite making it thru clue 1, I gave myself permission to move on.  Brioche!  Not my thing.  Then there was Joji's 1st ever mystery KAL.  Wow!  A beautiful finished product, but whoa, was that a lot of knitting, using five full skeins of sock yarn.  Hopefully, she heard the cries and will have more doable clues next time.  Or provide more than one week between each.  I do love her stuff, and will give it another go. But Romi, you are my favorite.


Clue one complete, I anxiously await the second set of knitting instructions Friday morning.  Beautiful yarn wound and at the ready, needles poised.  I'm ready for whatever knitting challenge Romi throws my way!



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