And Another One Bites the Dust.

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And Another One Bites the Dust.

Frogged! Reality raised its nasty head and made me see that this particular project would never be finished. But does that mean one less project in my cue? Not a chance.

A very smart knitting friend recently shared that she regularly revisits her current UFOs and reassesses how likely it is they'll see the finish line.  Wow!  I need to add that to my crafting routine.  But what a daunting task for me to undertake (the number of UFOs and planned projects is simply too embarrassing to share).  So I decided to try a modified version.  When I pick up a partially completed project, I ask myself "Will I enjoy working on this one enough to see it through to the end, or has it become a dreaded knit?"  If the later, its time to frog and find a better use for that yarn.


Hence, abandoned project number one.  Several weeks ago, I plucked my Guthrie sweater from the pile of in-progress projects and knit a few rounds.  And soon, that question crept into my head.  Why am I knitting this?  Do I really want to knit a whole sweater in colorwork using little bitty needles?  Will I wear it when it's done?  What is it about this sweater that draws me in?  Turns out, it wasn't the design, or the stitches / stitch pattern. It was the yarn - Dyed In the Wool 'Heart Sigh' and cream colored Woolfolk Tov DK. And the color, of course - pink.  Hmm?  I'd nearly finished the yoke and increases, so more than a small amount of work had gone into it.  What to do, what to do?  Should I power through and finish it (many hours of knitting still ahead)?  Nope!  Life's too short for less than joyous knitting.  So I noted the gauge I'd achieved with the yarn and needles in my handy dandy knitting journal for future use, pulled out the needles, and wound that pretty yarn into neat little balls, ready and waiting for the next perfect project that crosses my path.


And wouldn't you know it, it didn't take long.  Literally the next day.  Ha!  As often happens, I woke up to an email announcing a favorite designer's newest pattern.  This time it was Andrea Mowry's Stonecrop Cardi and Pullover sweaters.  Colorwork again, but not the entire sweater. Nope, she cleverly interspersed the Dyed In the Wool stranded work (my favorite, since the yarn does the color changes for you, so ends to weave in are minimal) with tiny cables, bobbles, and knit purl texture.  Hooray!  My pretty pink yarn has life again.  This go round, though, I'm going to contrast it with a charcoal color, which I think really highlights my glorious pink string.  One of the newest Cumbria Fingering colors from The Fibre Company, Saddleback Slate. 


So the lesson of this latest chapter in my knitting life?  Reassess UFOs to reduce the number of projects on needles, making completion more attainable and more often?  Not a chance!  Here's my take-away - find joy in knitting!!!  If you're slogging through because you should rather than because you want to, don't.  Like life, it's the journey that matters most.




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