Building A Mystery

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Building A Mystery

Perfect timing! Just as we're being told to button down the hatches and stay home, a much beloved Mystery Knit-Along began. Two of my favorites - Mystery Knit-Alongs and Designs by Romi. A much needed ray of sunshine in these surreal times.

Next to socks, one of may absolute favorite projects are Mystery KALs.  The anticipation of what it might look like, choosing (and rechoosing) colors, waiting each week for the clue to drop, watching as so many unfold in the Ravelry threads, and the challenge of getting each segment done before the next assignment appears.  Over the years, I've done quite a few.  I've learned a lot about which designers I adore, and which I avoid going forward.  Some are really good at portioning out how much one can knit each week, others not so much.  I tackled Joji Locatelli's first MKAL a few years back, and man, it was a lot of knitting!  6 full skeins of sock yarn later, I finished my beautiful 'Starting Point Wrap' - a super fun and unique knit, by the way - but no way did I finish each clue within the allocated week.  So who's my favorite?


Ding, ding, ding!  The winner is Rosemary Hill (aka Romi).  Every one of her designs offers something new and unique to learn, and each one is decidedly different.  Challenging yes, but not over the top.  I have done every one of her mysteries, including the design she created for the 2019 Rose City Yarn Crawl - nine in total.  I look forward to the annual release each Spring; this one was especially welcomed, given our need for a sweet diversion.  Here's a few of my favorites:


Red Rock (MKAL #2).  A shallow triangle using two colors of fingering weight yarn.  Just the right amount of easy knitting and lace work.


Moon Shadows (MKAL #3).  This was my first go at full on lace work.  One of my favorites, both because of the colors (a speckled TML paired with a deep dusty rose pink), and the challenging new stitchwork.  Bless her heart, Romi even provided a video tutorial.


Beautiful Together (MKAL #5).  Every time I start one of Rosemary's designs, its an adventure, wondering where she's going with it.  Completely impossible to anticipate, and such a fun ride.  This shawl used short rows to create asymetrical swoops of lace and color.  By far, my most enjoyable mystery knit.


So what's in store for this knitting escapade?  As usual, it started out with a new and unusual beginning; creating a triangle, then picking up stitches so that where you thought would be the starting point ends up in the middle.  And lots of lace.  My colors?  A skein of Knitted Wit Single Fingering in a Harry Potter inspired colorway, Spattergroit, paired with Hedgehog Fibres' Skinny Single in a lovely mossy green.  So far so good; 3 clues in, and I've finished each one before the next has come out.  The stitch count is getting up there (387), though, so each chart is taking a little longer to get through.  Time to get back to it - wish me luck!









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