Five’s a Charm

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I’ve almost done it! The 5th and final clue is due out on Friday, and I’m right on track to finish. Unless Romi decides to finish with a complicated, time intensive lace edge, which is truly a possibility. I shall not be deterred!!!

Clue 4 was another fun one – a second asymmetric lace section using short rows and my pink yarn.  Yay!  Just finishing up the last chart repeat.  Have I mentioned how much I love Romi’s mystery designs?  She’s the bee’s knees.  The Rembrandt of knitting designers.  My favorite!  But wait – what will I do when the last clue is done?  Oh no!  Can I possibly find something else to knit? Well . . . YES!

In fact, I’ve snuck a few other things in this week.  A few rounds of a sleeve.  Several rows of an aran shlanket.  But the most fun?  Beginning elements of my design for the next Rose City Yarn Crawl.  The theme for 2018 is Oregon Waterways, and our inspiration will come from the McKenzie River and Clear Lake.  Can’t tell you particulars, other than it’ll include salmon, pine trees and river rapids. And I think I might need an exploration trip – sit and knit on the porch of a cabin, basket of yarn at my side, roaring fire, watching the river flow past.  And a really good glass of wine!  Ahh, don’t you just love where we live.

No spoilers this week – will share a ‘finished’ portrait next time.  Someone mentioned that Joji has a mystery in the works.  Hmm?  Might need to investigate.  After all, I’m a sucker for a good mystery.


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