Goin' To the Chapel

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Goin' To the Chapel

Tea prepped for brewing. Rose embellished china cup polished and ready for tea. Fresh baked scones accompanied by the traditional clotted cream, strawberry jam and fresh berries. Lovely pink-plumed Fascinator awaiting a head to perch upon. And a basket filled with TV watching, 'no concentration required' knitting . Let the Royal fun begin!

Oh the Crown.  What is it about these age old traditions that so fascinate us Americans.  But we do love the royal brouhaha, don't we.  From how to hold your fork and knife, to arriving at the chapel in a horse drawn carriage, these time honored practices remind me that respect, civility and grace are not a thing of the past.  These days especially, its so nice to have a celebration of all that's wonderful in life.


I recall the first Royal wedding I watched - Diana and Charles.  Every young lady (including me) wanted a dress just like hers.  And that hairdo. Yup,  I followed the trend, bangs and all. I missed Fergie's wedding, as well as Kate and William's big do a few years back.  So I'm beyond excited about this weekends festivities. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the little things that royals are suppose to do.  Like holding your fork in your left hand.  What?!  Have you tried this?  I did, and it was not pretty.  Or how 'bout the appropriate way for a lady to sit in a chair? Never, never never cross your legs.  Yikes!  You can cross your ankles, so long as you keep both feet flat on the ground.  But a real princess sits poised at the edge of her seat, knees together with both feet on the ground facing forward, slightly to the left or right of your knees.  Man, us American girls are in trouble.  Then there's the question of who to respect with a curtsy, and how to do it properly.  Or how to hold a glass of champagne - by the stem, the closer to the base, the more royal you appear.  Then there's the tradition that, once the Queen's plate is cleared, your meal is over too.  Eat fast, silly Americans.  Good thing I'm watching in my PJs at home rather than across the pond. You can bet I'll have my legs crossed.  But what fun, learning all these little tidbits about being polite and poised.


3am?  Maybe not.  Thank goodness for DVRs.  But I will be up bright and early on Saturday, pulling warm scones from the oven and brewing a pot of Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea.  Just in time to see a Cinderella-esk horse drawn carriage pull into Windsor Castle and a beautiful American-born lady step out to become a real princess.  All while playing with a pair of pretty needles and some colorful, luxurious string.  What a perfect fairy tale.


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