I Never Thought I'd Miss That

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I Never Thought I'd Miss That

Nothing quite like being stuck at home to remind us of the little things we take for granted. Oh how I long for the day when . . .

There are all the usual things we are together longing for.  Spending time, holidays, and special occasions with our extended families.  Going out for date night to your favorite restaurant.  Planning a vacation that involves a plane ride.  Just going shopping without dawning a mask.  As we approach a transition back to somewhat normal life, I'm struck by some of the smaller, less obvious things I'm missing.  That I never really imagined ever missing.  And I'm not talking toilet paper.  Here's just a few.


Hot french fries.  I adore eating out.  If I never had to cook, I'd be OK with that.  It's been impressive to see how some of our favorite restaurants have adapted to the 'Curbside' spin on dining.  And for the most part, all have done a bang up job.  Heck, even one french bistro offered a cocktail of the week with your take out box.  But the one food that just does not travel well?  Those hot out of the fryer, salty, crunchy french fries.  Oh, how I'd love to sit across the table from my sweetie with an icy pint and a basket of fries.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.


Being served.  OK, that sounds like a stuffy, snobby thing to say.  But I really, really, REALLY miss the experience of sitting at a table and having a fabulous waitress or waiter place a perfectly pink cosmopolitan or plate of food in front of me, then take it away when I'm finished.  No dishes to do, no leftovers to put away.  And how about choosing something completely different to eat than everyone else around the table.  Silly, I know. But hey, its my wish list.


Spontaneity.  Oh, how I wish that, as an idea popped in my head, I could just jump in my car, head for the store, and make it happen.  Same day dinner planning and shopping.  Realizing I need a different needle or skein of yarn, and being able to just go pick it up.  Deciding a pedicure would be nice, walking into a salon without an appointment, and having pretty toenails before you know it.  A last minute invitation, causing hubby and me to hop in the car and head for a local brewpub for lunch with the grands.  I always thought I was a planner, but have discovered my inner need for acting on a whim.


Pretty fingernails.  Speaking of salon visits - my nails look like @#$%&*!  Having nicely manicured, pretty colored nails always made knitting even more joyful.  Over the past couple of months, I watched as my nails slowly grew out, and popped off, leaving bare the thin, weak nails I've been plagued with since childhood.  I'm getting quite good at filing, smoothing, and occasionally splashing a bit of polish on them, but my nails are not nearly as much fun to look at whilst playing with my pretty string.


My knitting friends.  OK, this is one I knew I'd miss, but never imagined would be without.  I miss you all truly.  Eight of us makers would gather weekly to knit and share life.  Favorite new patterns and yarn, funny stories about our kids and husbands, favorite TV shows, upcoming events, . . . the list goes on and on.  Sometimes at a coffee shop, other times at a local winery under the sun.  Always with the same wonderful, dear friends.  Yes, I so miss those Thursdays - fingers and toes crossed that they'll be back soon.


What are you all missing, and anxiously anticipating the return of?



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