Impulse Yarn

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Impulse Yarn

Ever come across a skein of yarn that you just had to have, yet absolutely no idea what to do with it? Welcome to my world!

I am a sucker for pretty, new yarn. A well placed add with eye-catching colors?  I buy it.  A catchy, meaningful name?  I buy it.  Paired with a lovely new design?  I buy it.  Sensing a pattern?  Here's the rub.  I feel guilty when I knit something with a yarn I can't carry in my shop; the whole 'store sample' thing, you know.  That doesn't stop me from collecting beautiful bits of string, though.  Hence, a growing stash of gorgeous fiber with no clear path to its destiny.  Oh don't get me wrong.  Just being pretty yarn is noble purpose enough for me.  As evidenced by the colorful piles decorating the numerous rooms in my house.  But to be knit, that is the true end game.  Here's the story behind one of those yarn purchases, and its happy ending.


A year or so ago, while leafing through the latest issue of Laine, an ad caught my attention.  Two gorgeous autumn colored yarns, poised against a smattering of fall leaves and a porous gray slab of rock.  And company I'd not heard of before.  Five days later, a box arrived with not two, but four skeins of fingering weight yarn.  Whilst perusing the company's website, I came across a couple charming shades of pink.  And I just can't leave pink.  Beautifully wrapped with a rustic bow of straw, those four pretty skeins sit perched on a shelf, making me smile each time I look at them.  But what to make with them.  Hmm?


But wait, there's more.  As with most web-based companies, purchases get you hooked up with their newsletters.  Just before Jay and I headed off to Southern France for a dream vacation, wouldn't you know it, the newsletter arrived showing off the newest colorway, "French Countryside."  Need I say more?!  Soon, my yarn possessed home decor welcomed two new friends - French Countryside and coordinating Eggplant.  So pretty!!!


Fast forward to this fall.  You may have heard - my absolute hands-down favorite designer of all time is creating this year's RCYC Mystery Knit Along.  The amazing, incomparable Rosemary Hill (aka Romi).  And lucky duck me - I'm her test knitter.  Sometimes the stars just perfectly align, don't they?  But can't share details.  Can't knit it in front of anyone (other than my husband).  Can't put it on display as a store sample.  For the next five months, a totally under-wraps, hush hush, mum's the word secret knitting project.  Holy cow, the perfect use for my delightful lavender, purple, gold and creamy white French Countryside (and Eggplant) yarn.  Finally, my pretty string has a purpose.


While I can't share much detail, I can tell you that, as with all Romi's mysteries of the past, this one does not disappoint.  With each and every one of her designs, Romi introduces something truly unique and exciting.  Whether its a new stitch, where the shawl starts and ends, or how the shapes and colors come together, you'll finish having learned something brand new and amazing. Probably why I love her designs so much.  So get excited - December 1 marks the start of pattern sales and the beginning of an exciting new knitting adventure.  We're gonna have so much fun together!




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