Just Be Still

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Just Be Still

Wouldn't it be nice to have literally one thing going on at a time? Only one topic running through your mind. A single thought, not thoughts plural. A sole focus. True peace and solitude. Ahhhhhh!

I was driving and listening to NPR - two things at once.  Actually three, as I was also running through the list of things I had to do to prep for the Crawl.  Only half listening, something the interviewee said caught my attention.  The program was taliking with the woman who founded Extend Bar - a fitness program built around ballet and the use of the bar.  She'd become wildly successful, opening studios throughout Oregon.  However, when asked why she'd chosen to stop  further expansion, she said that she'd given herself permission to just "be still."  That its OK, even necessary to sometimes slow down or stop altogether.  Take note, reflect, and assess what's happening right then and there.  Wow!  I love this!  Sometimes I have so many things swirling around me, its tough to keep them all managed.  Like herding bees.  I need to give this 'be still' thing a try.


What better time then in the wee morning hours whilst knitting.  Can not tell you how many times I've had to rip back because my mind wandered off, away from my lovely knitting.  My special craft is suppose to give me joy, so it deserves my undivided attention.  I deserve to revel in the yarn, needles and stitches, rather than what I had to accomplish during the day.  So I gave it a try.  First thing in the morning, while everyone else was asleep, I closed my laptop, turned off the TV, snuggled up in my new Pendleton blanket, and dove into my latest hat project - the Forste Hat using some uber-yummy Woolfolk Far.  I closed my eyes for a few seconds, took several deep breaths, and said to myself 'be still, be still, be still.'  And wouldn't ya know it, it worked.  Blissful quiet (except for the occasional interruption from our resident woodpecker)!  Every time I caught an outside thought seeking in, I reiterated the mantra, be still.  It only lasted a short time, maybe 10 minutes.  But oh my stars, those were amazing minutes.  It can be done!


So I urge you all to give yourself permission to just 'be still.'



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