Just One More Gift

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Just One More Gift

"I don't do knitted gifts!" Right. What started with a few chunky yarn cowls, has rapidly morphed. A hat for the grand daughter, then one for her sister, then, . . . you get the picture. Well, this last one has a touch of sentiment and nostalgia - an Ode to my dear 'ole dad. Ho, ho, ho!

My dad, Max Wills Sr., was my generous financier when I opened For Yarn's Sake.  In return for a nice chunk of capital, he asked for just one thing - a pair of handknit socks.  In electric, hot pink, no less.  Just my bailiwick!  I got right to work, and in no time, he had a pair of awesome Tosh Sock stunners, with cables and ribs, all in Pop Rocks - a since retired gorgeous pink Madelinetosh colorway.  He loved those socks. Wore them to his weekly yoga class, which he confessed to me helped him attract women.  Yikes!  Not necessarily something a daughter wants to know, but oh well.  He loved those socks to their eventual demise, as they were wearing out.  And by all means, he needed his chick magnet socks.  So two years ago, I got to work on a new pair.  An eye popping, attention getting Regia yarn, Fluormania.  Neon pink, orange, yellow and green.  Wowza, that should keep the ladies vying for attention.  Then, shortly after Christmas 2015, with two heels turned, tragedy struck our family.  Dad went to sleep (after returning from an exotic Mexican getaway with one of those ladies) but didn't wake up.  Without ever seeing his lovely new socks.

This past spring, during one of my forays into recovering lost needles and retiring UFOs, I discovered those nearly finished fluorescent socks.  Hmm?  My brother, Max Jr. might like dad's new socks.  Not that he needs to attract women - happily married with two lovely daughters, and two not-so-lovely-but-lovable-nonetheless little dogs.  But as a warm memory of our quirky dad.  New life for those wacky, wild socks.  With one sock complete, and the second foot half way complete, whabam!  A new Mystery KAL came along (I think it was Joji's), and my attention was diverted.  Socks went back to the UFO basket.  Poor little socks.

Long story short, as I was weaving in the ends of my nieces' cowls, I thought "Hmm, I should finish that pair 'o color for my little bro, Maxie."  And that's how, once again, my Golden Knitting Rule (to not knit gifts) got shot to heck.  On the upside, I now have another US 1 needle available and ready to start yet another pair of amazing socks. Glass half full


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