#knit20for2020 - Curious Handmade Part 1

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#knit20for2020 - Curious Handmade Part 1

How will you spend this new year. What new knitting adventures are in the cards? How 'bout some company, and a well thought out plan to expand your experiences with needles and pretty string in 2020?

Who doesn't like (or need) a challenge?!  A nudge to expand your experiences. Certainly, I do.  One of my favorite designers is Helen Stewart (aka Curious Handmade).  She does so many creative, innovative projects to get me excited about my knitting life.  Her annual Shawl Society, holiday gift knitting Knitvent, The Handmade Sock Society are just a few of the multi-pattern  adventures I've enjoyed year after year.  For 2020, she's proffered yet another exciting way to get your knit on - the #knit20for2020 Challenge.  Rather than try to rewrite Helen's very thoughtful post, I thought I'd let her explain it in her own words.  So with that said, I give you Curious Handmade and the #20for2020 knitting challenge.


Quoting Helen Stewart:

"I find that my creativity always flourishes when I have a low-pressure structure and a fun, supportive community to cheer me on. That's why I decided to start this challenge. Are you in?


If you haven't heard about the challenge yet and are wondering what on earth I'm talking about, don't worry. It's super-simple and easy. It's a kind of "knitting bingo" (so cool, I know) and there are no strict rules or parameters and absolutely no pressure.   I came up with a list of 20 different kinds of knitting projects that I would like to attempt this year, and set myself a challenge: can I tick off all the boxes by the end of 2020? 


The beauty of it is that we can make it a big challenge or scale it back, depending on your own knitting plans and pace: you can knit 20 different projects, one for each category, or (like me!) you could choose a project that ticks off several boxes at once (for example, a scrappy (check) brioche (check) hat (check) that's already a WIP (check).  If some of the categories don't appeal, no problem! Just scratch them out and add your own instead. Here's my list: finish a WIP, brioche, lace, colourwork, shortrows, cable, pullover, cardigan, socks, shawl, hat, toy, cowl, deep yarn stash, gift or charity, deep pattern stash, non superwash yarn, new to me designer, scrappy or advent project, and an epic or bucket list project.  My plan is to enjoy the satisfaction of ticking things off a list while I branch out a little bit, explore, get out of my knitting comfort zone, and maybe learn something new. I want to surprise myself with what's possible!  (You can Download Helen's free printable list at http://curioushandmade.com/ch-281-knit20for2020-kicks-off/)


And because everything's more fun with friends, I've made it into an Instagram challenge to encourage us to document and share our progress with each other all year, using the hashtag #knit20for2020.  You can share your list, work-in-progress photos, and finished-object glamour shots along the way, and the Curious Crew and I will be right there to cheer you on and share your triumphs.  I hope this challenge sparks your knitting ambition and creativity as much as it has mine! I'm already plotting my first #knit20for2020 cast-on.


So, if you're up for a very gentle, fun, and supportive kind of knitting challenge this year, join us! You can save the square image in this email and share it to Instagram to spread the word and let me know you're up for the challenge. And I would love to know what you'd like to tackle first from that list. Don't forget to tag #knit20for2020 so I can see your posts!


Happy Knitting!
x, Helen"


Thanks Helen!  So who's in?  I'm already ticking things off my list.








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