Knitting Uphill With One Paddle

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Knitting Uphill With One Paddle

That recurring dream. You're in college, its the day before finals, and you haven't studied or written the paper that's due, or even attended all the lectures. It'll never get done. Panic! Then you wake up. Imagine that scenario unfolding in real life and involving your burgeoning basket of projects. Unbelievable, right? Well I'm a living testament that even our beloved knitting can cause a restless night of sleep, or throw one into an anxious tizzy fit.

Several weeks ago, I shared that my favorite annual knit had begun - the Romi Mystery KAL.  Clue 1 went by fairly easily - finished by Tuesday, with a couple days break before the second stretch of knitting.  Clue 2 was a little longer, but manageable.  And done on time; no sweat.  Clue 3 came out and seemed a tad bit daunting, but didn't fluster me.  I'm committed and humming along with few distractions, having a lovely time knitting.  Then it happened. 


Joji's new design came out - Fading Point.  Beautiful!!!  With endless possibilities of color combinations.  Dream In Color's color aficionado Veronica worked with me to create five stunning fade kits for the shop.  But of course, I'd need to knit one up as a store sample.  And there it is.  A prodigious five-skein-of-sock-yarn glorious wrap, as well as an intricate, challenging and captivating MKAL.  Two ginormous knitting projects simultaneously.  Am I nuts!?  Don't answer that - its quite obvious.


If there ever was a point when I looked at the knitting road ahead, and broke out in a cold sweat, that time is now.  Even for a self-proclaimed 'process knitter.'  I'm trying to keep up with Romi, but dang her anyway - clue 4 of 5 just came out and crescendos with a whopping 507 stitches.  Holy smoke!  Aah, but the yarn is lovely.  The colors are amazing.  My interest stays peaked as there's a tinge of mystery each week from dearest Romi, and the anticipation of ever changing colors as I work the two ends toward the center point of Joji's creation.  And there's no paper due, no final test, and no grade at the end of the journey.  What's that 'ole saying?  Slow and steady wins the race (or in this case, the marathon).  And maybe a few good swigs of single malt when the panic meter starts to spike.


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