My Word for the Year

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My Word for the Year

No New Year's Resolutions for me. Nope! Rather, with each new year I choose a word I'd like to live by. This year's aspiration? Finish!

Like pretty much everyone on earth, I use to set New Year's resolutions, then quickly break and forget them.  Lose weight.  Read a book a month.  Exercise regularly.  Give up certain foods or vices.  Learn a second language.  The list goes on and on and on.  Several years ago, I adopted a new strategy.  Choosing a single word that describes how I'd like to face each day.  I Started with 'healthy.' By the end of the year, I'd made definite strides, but still had much room for improvement.  So I kept 'healthy' and added 'happy.'  That was the year I lost my Westie, Nellie, so it was a lofty yet worthy goal.  Again, when the clock struck midnight on December 31st, I was happier, but could certainly keep working for a better, more consistent state of bliss.  And thus, my single word to live by became a continuing string of aspirations.  'Simple' and 'positive' joined Anne's Motto in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

When considering how to approach 2018, I was reluctant to give any of them up, but recognized my mantra was growing kinda lengthy, diluting my efforts just a smidge.  A lot of words to remember and recite each day.  So how 'bout a word to encompass the whole lot.  Hmm?  What constant life thread makes it hard for me to be healthy, happy, positive, and keep things simple?  Well, my growing stash of to be started and already started but not yet finished projects might fit the bill.  Definitely causes some stress, and hence, unhealthiness.  I am much happier when I complete a project.  Most certainly, a dwindling pile of yarn-stuffed project and ziploc bags would simplify my life.  And isn't it 'positive' to work toward and meet a goal?  Whabam!!!  My word for 2018 is 'Finish.'

Rather than make a list of my plethora of unfinished knitting projects to be tackled - phew, that'd totally spike my stress level - I decided to keep a low-key, hand written journal (yay, MY Knit Notes came just in time) to record my crosses across the finish line.  And a journal is 'simple.'  At the end of the year, I'll be able to open up my book and see exactly how I did.  No lists, spreadsheets, or electronic memorials.  Just a simple (that word again), beautiful, personally inscribed book.  So 'positive.'

Choosing the 1st project was a snap.  A baby blanket for my newest granddaughter, Rosalie, scheduled to be born on January 5th.  Sleepy Sheep, from the new 60 More Quick Baby Blankets was about a third of the way there when abandoned for another shiny object last summer.  I actually dug it out and got started a few days before the Times Square Ball dropped.  And I came in right under the wire, binding off as Hanna and John headed to labor and delivery.  But finish I did!  And 'happy' I am, both with my beautiful new grandchild and being able to give her a soft, cuddly, hand-knit blanket.

Next on the list?  Andrea Mowry's Birds of a Feather.  A delicious asymmetrical shawl using Hedgehog Fibers' Skinny Singles and Kidsilk Lace in alternating sections. Let's see if I can get 'er done by the time our new shipment of decadent yarn arrives from across the pond.



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