Not On the Road Again

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Not On the Road Again

It's a stay-cation summer. With my vacation plans torpedoed, I'm missing those long stretches of time to do nothing but knit. While a challenge, there are ways to still enjoy some peaceful, uninterrupted time to play with pretty string.

It's no secret - on my list of favorites is travel.  Whether its a huge trip somewhere new, far away and exciting, or a long car trip with hubby Jay to Napa Valley or the Oregon Coast, I covet the time I get to knit while making my way to a getaway from daily life.  This summer was suppose to be time spent in Champagne (yes, France and bubbles), followed by a jaunt aboard a cruise ship up the coast of Scotland and through the Norwegian Fjords.  Right this minute, I should be visiting the Jamieson's of Shetland mill, ogling beautiful handknit Fair Isle sweaters, and sipping a wee dram.  Darn this nasty virus!  I was so looking forward to hours upon hours on trains, planes, boats, and cars, knitting to my little 'ole heart's content.  Fingers crossed that its a postponement and not a lost dream.

I also love a good, long car trip.  At least once a year, Jay and I hop in the car, fire up a good audio book (Ben Coes' Huey Andreas thrillers are a favorite), and make our way to Napa Valley.  10 hours of quality knitting time, followed by delicious food and wonderful wine.  Several years ago, we made the trek just after the big Northern California fire.  Nothing stops us.  Oh, except a virus!  Dang!!!

Not to be foiled, though.  Since Oregon reopened, we've made two sort-of long car trips - one to Bend, and the other to Astoria.  For beer.  There's more to this story.  Since travel is on hold right now, we're spending much more time at home and in our backyard.  We recently finished a 2+ year long home improvement project, and now have an outdoor kitchen next to our backyard pool.  And a kegerator.  Hence, the need for beer, and a road trip.  How wonderful that we live in a beer lover's state.  So not a 10 hour trip each way, but even 2 to 3 hours of knitting in the car was a welcomed treat.  Had to make a couple trips to get through our audio adventure, but hey, we adapt to the times.

So with beer in the kegerator, french rose in the fridge, and burgers on the grill, I can plop a pool chair into the foot deep end of the pool, open up an umbrella, and watch my grandkids splash around, all with a ball of yarn in my lap.  OK, it's not the exotic french countryside, but it is a wonderful way to enjoy our beautiful summer, right here at home in Oregon.  And knitting is happening.  Life is still quite good.


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