Oh Christams Tree

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Oh Christams Tree

Yet another Lindquist family tradition - the annual hunt for the perfect tree. With mud boots in tow, (and a knitting project at the ready), we turn up the Christmas carols and head for the hills in search of that one noble fir that'll live in our living room for the next month.

Its a tradition.  Kinda like the Griswalds.  The weekend after Turkey Day, we all pack up our trucks with rope, bungy cords, mud boots, hats, gloves and plenty of Christmas music, and head for the hills.  That very special Christmas tree is out there, just waiting for us, and dang if we're not gonna find it.  This year, it took two stops, both in the hills above North Plains, but alas, we were successful.  An eleven foot tall Noble Fir.  I was arguing for a slightly shorter, more sparse tree (cause I'm the one who has to decorate the little beast), but I was out voted.  "Oh Mom, that's way to short" was a common phrase.  I did get some support from hubby Jay - he's the light man, so smaller means less work for him, too.  But in the end, his sentimental side won out, and a big 'ole tree was cut down, shaken and baled, and strapped to the top of our car.  A few sips of hot cocoa, a hug from Santa, some hand warming by the enticingly warm bonfire, and it was off to get a burger and beer.


But what about knitting?  Well, as it turns out, it takes a good 30-45 minutes to get to the tree farm and back.  Add a second stop in there ('cause the trees at the first place weren't tall enough), and I scored a solid two hours to knit my holiday hat.  Anyone notice the awesome cabled hat worn by Buddy's crush in the movie "Elf."  I'm well into my "Jovie- The 'Elf' Knockoff Hat."  Not in time for our annual tree adventure, but should we have snow this year, my head will be beautiful and warm in red alpaca, merino and silk.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!




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