Oh Dear, What Do I Make With This?!

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Oh Dear, What Do I Make With This?!

There it is. That exquisite skein of yarn that captured your eye and was destined to come home with you. A must have little gem. A pretty ball of string tugging at your heart strings, just waiting to be played with in your waiting hands. But that nagging question eludes an answer - what to be knit with it.

Ah, that beautiful skein of yarn.  Mine is invariably pink.  No surprise there.  In this case, it's a lovely one from Knitted Wit's Harry Potter inspired color series; an enchanting pink with speckles called Spattergroit.  I first saw Spattergroit in a mini skein, and instantly knew I must have it.  And given that I wasn't sure what that yarn would become, I bought two skeins - a single ply fingering and a plied sock weight.  Those two lovelies sat on my desk, taunting me to start playing with them.  What to make, what to make?!


The answer seemed to come a month or so ago, when a test knitting opportunity crossed my path.  A 2-colored shawl.  Perfect for my coveted Spattergroit.  I paired it up with a mossy green and dove in.  Early into the project, though, it became clear that there was not enough contrast between the two colors.  While the green swaths popped out beautifully, the Spattergroit sections were less distinct, blurring rather than standing out.  No problem - only a little ways in to the knit.  I swapped out the mossy green for a dark brown and started knitting for a second time.  And again, not enough contrast to show off the pattern.  Sadly, my special ball of yarn went back on the shelf, along with 2 other solid colored pretties, waiting for another day.


As you well know, I'm an avid sock knitter.  For the second year in a row, I've joined Curious Handmade's Sock Society.  Six secret designs released over the coarse of the year.  2019's Sock Society 2 is inspired by the Cornish coastline.  Maybe one of these designs will work for my speckly, pink Scattergroit?  Well, five designs released so far, and no luck. Five very beautiful,lace and cable designs, expertly written by Helen Stewart (if you like socks, you'll love, love, love her patterns), but none simple enough to show off my special skein's colors.  Number 5, "Sailing School Socks" is a maybe, with just three tiny rows of twists running up the sides.  Perhaps I'll give it a go and see where it takes me.


So there it is.  An experience I'm sure we all share.  That oh-so-spectacular skein of yarn you stumbled across somewhere along your crafting journey, and just had to have.  I continue to stifle a giggle every time I hear someone declare that they don't buy yarn without a project in mind.  Oh honey, you just wait!  One of these days you'll get snagged by that shiny object that is beautiful yarn.




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