Pixie Dust, Mickey Ears and Knitting

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Pixie Dust, Mickey Ears and Knitting

A sprinkle of Pixie Dust, a wish upon a star, ears, princesses, and some pretty string to keep me sane. I'm off to the most magical place on earth!

Nearly a year in the planning, the big day is finally here.  This Sunday, my hubby and I are flying to Florida with our three granddaughters (and their parents, of course) for two weeks of magical fun with our favorite Disney characters.  A week at the World folliwed by a week on board the newest Disney cruise ship, the Fantasy.  Roller coasters, popcorn, Mouse Mouse shaped pancakes and ice cream sandwiches, endless whimsical music, and the priceless looks of wonder on everyone's little faces.  Can't wait!


But there's also a long plane trip to and from.  And a hotel balcony overlooking an African savanna, as well as a ship balcony looking out across the turquoise Caribbean ocean.  Some glorious, uninterrupted, guilt free knitting time for me.  Woohoo!  What will I take?  Something small.  Definitely more than one project - I might get bored with one, or heavens to Betsy, finish something!  And I need one that's complicated, and one that's mindless.  So I'm thinking a hat or two, and some socks.


The April Hat from Kelbourne's Year of Hats campaign is in the running.  Started it last week and am having a blast with the unique stitches it incorporates.  A 'Puff Stitch' is created with the use of a crochet hook (yes, crochet in knitting) to reach several rows below and pulling up loops.  Some lean left and others lean right along a line of twisted knit stitches.  A bobble at the top and poof - you have a spring flower.  The brim is really pretty too, with a band of faux cables and twisted stitches.  All knit in a bright, spring inspiring salmon peach color of Germantown.  This is a really, really, REALLY fun hat to knit. Definitely taking a place in my suitcase.


So looking forward to combining my favorite thing to do - knit - with my favorite place to go - Disney.  I love starting my days by getting up before everyone else, grabbing a cup of coffee and settling in on a balcony with my needles and yarn.  At Disney World, its looking out over a savanna, watching the giraffes and zebras wake up and wander over for their breakfast hay.  And on the ship, its watching the beautiful ocean sail by.  Oh boy, I am so ready! Stay tuned for pictures in the next few weeks. 





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