Ready For Santa

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Ready For Santa

Tree's up. Shopping and wrapping well underway. Decorations are all on display. And it's only December 5th. Holy Santa, I have time to knit!

I think there should be an extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year!  Those extra days made all the difference in whether I love or resent the holidays.  Its December 5th, and my 12 foot fir tree is completely decorated, all the villages are set up and lit, and the many gifts on my shopping list are purchased and on their way.  Christmas mugs and other accessories are in their place and in use, and I've begun contemplating cookies and treats to carry us through the New Year.  Wow!  Usually, I'm stressed beyond belief, wondering how on earth I'll get everything done (or more often, resigned that I will have to let some traditions go).  Not this year.  Best of all, when I sit down to knit, I don't feel guilty about ignoring other holiday tasks to indulge my favorite pass time.

One huge difference this time in how we decorated the tree involved a photo session with our favorite family photographer.  Aaron has taken pictures of daughters' engagement, wedding and grad pictures, as well as each phase of my three little granddaughters' lives, specializing in capturing candid moments rather than posed shots.  Last spring, we decided to have him take pictures of Jay and the six girls in his life (not including the dogs) - a Father's Day gift.  A notorious procrastinator, it took my husband until this fall to finally schedule the session.  In fact, it was my daughter Hanna that pushed him to take action, coming up with the brilliant idea to have him photograph us as we decorated our tree.  Did I say brilliant?!  Usually, its a week long project, and that's after 3-4 days of Jay bemoaning the task of stringing the lights.  But this year, it took just one day.  ONE DAY!!!!  We started at 9am, and by noon, voila!  A gorgeous, red ball and family heirloom bedecked Christmas tree.  OK, there were a few spots that the little girls thought were the only place to hang ornaments (I spent some time in the afternoon redistributing), and the very top needed some attention.  But at 6pm, we sat down with a beer and admired our very beautiful Christmas tree.  We watched 'White Chrtistmas,' and I knitted, completely and totally guilt free.  This year, I do love Christmas.




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