From Selfish to Obsessed

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From Selfish to Obsessed

Oh, look at that cute hat pattern. Granddaughter wants a new sweater? No problem. Check out that yarn! I should make a pair of fingerless mitts with it. Buy a sweater? No way - I could so make that. And that's how giving myself permission to knit whatever I want turned into a giant knitting sink hole. From selfish to obsessive knitting. Add in some 'must knit' projects with deadlines and . . . Oh no, not nearly enough hours in the day. Hermione, help - I need to borrow your Time-Turner!

I kid you not.  After I knit my last Christmas gift, washed the last holiday dinner plate, and threw out the final scrap of wrapping paper, I was utterly thrilled to face the freedom of unabashed, unfettered knitting time.  So many lovelies to dive into. And boy oh boy, did I dive.  A pair of Marie Wallen mitts (finished by the way), a sweater for baby Rose to match her big sister's, a sweater for me, a hat for Jay, some new socks, Clue 1 of the RCYC MKAL, and . . . You see my problem?  Who gave me permission to go stark raving knitting crazy? Oh yes, it was me.  There in lies the problem.  I have no self-control!

As you may recall, my 2019 phrase to live by is 'Enjoy the journey." I must admit, I'm challenged a bit with this one right now. As I sit in my favorite spot to ply my lovely yarn, I'm looking at a large collection of filled yarn bowls, project bags, needles with yarn attached, and pages of charts.  Oh my, what have I done.  Enjoy the journey, enjoy the journey, enjoy the journey, . .  Yes! Deep breath.  Just be in the moment.  And savor the act of each glorious stitch.  Who gives a rip how far from completion each piece is.  Among the various projects in front of me are two that I "have to" knit.  Those will get their due first, then its off to the races!  Here are three faves included in my current journey:


January's Year of Hats.  Of my, so many bobbles.  And cables.  And glorious, woolly yarn.  It even smells like wool - one of my favorite scents.  I am loving this new Germantown yarn.  American thru and through.  Squishy.  Stretchy.  Bouncy.  Beautiful stitch definition.  A keeper, for sure!  Hopefully I'll have this gem done before the next Year of Hats design hits the scene on February 15th.


Romi's RCYC Mystery Along.  OK, Romi.  Need I say more.  And I must really love her designs, 'cause this is my second time knitting this one, having test knit the first draft. Its pink, so that helps.  And again, it's Romi!  Hope you all are knitting along too, enjoying the mystery.  I know it's a little more challenging than past RCYC Mystery Alongs, but as one fellow Romi enthusiast said, "Just trust the Romi."


Bressay.  Several years ago, Jay and I spent a day in a lovely city on the Northern most point of Scotland - Kirkwall.  As well as enjoying a wee dram, the oh-so-delightful people, and the bitter cold, we stumbled upon a small shop selling sweaters made from Jamieson's of Shetland wool.  Beautiful? Yes.  Expensive?  Oh yes, you betcha. What's that phrase - 'I could make that?'  Well, Marie Wallen's Bressay is my "I can make that" sweater.  Sleeves underway (super slow going, on 2.75 mm needles), can't wait to dive into some colorwork.


Those are my top three indulgences right now.  Then there's the socks, baby sweater, mittens, hat for hubby, box of yarn from England that's as yet uncommitted, etc., etc., etc.  Not to mention the many other UFOs tucked into baskets, cupboards, shelves - pretty much every corner of my house.  Commence the mantra - "enjoy the journey, enjoy the journey, ENJOY THE JOURNEY!"






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