Spring Cleaning Bonus

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What is it about Spring that ignites an urge to clean, organize and toss?

Whatever it is, it gets me every year.  And in general, I hate cleaning.  Love the end result, but don't much enjoy the process.  This time was no different.  Except!  After the dust settled, I held in my hands several unexpected treasures.  Woohoo!

The Spring cleaning I speak of is the inevitable and much needed reorganization and culling of UFO's.  Those knitting projects that seemed like good ideas at the time, but now have little hope of ever escaping the cute project bag they currently reside in.  My undertaking began with those half knit projects tucked next to my favorite knitting spot following an unfortunate mishap with a toppled wine glass.  Phew!  No damage to the precious yarn - just a pink stain on the top of my little white dog's shoulders.  And I kinda like pink, so no harm done.  In the process of mopping up, I discovered 2 hats, and a sock that'll never see it through completion.  The payoff?  3 sets of needles nicely tucked in their packages, poised to start the next project, and some lovely re-purposed yarn.  But once I began, there was no stopping me.  My husband describes me as a shameful thrower-outer - the proverbial pebble picking up speed and girth as it rolls down the hill.  So from my little corner, I moved to the shelf where several unfinished sweaters and my second RCYC Mystery Along (yes, I actually thought I could do 2 at once) languished.  I didn't have the heart to undo those sweaters, convincing myself that they will get knit, blocked and worn some distant day in my future.  But I did pull my coveted Signature needles out of the cowl.  And this undoing had not only the benefit of an adorable terrier themed Slipped Stitch bag, 2 skeins of Lilt and a usable needle.  Tucked into the pocket of that project bag was a substantial handful of cold, hard cash.  Like when you open the dryer and find that you left money in your jeans pocket.  Jackpot!  No idea how it got there, but what a find.

So when you're lamenting about the pile of stuff that's done nothing but gather dust all year, have hope.  There very may well be a pot of gold hiding in the darnedest place.  Perhaps to buy enough beautiful yarn to knit that next great must-have design.  Good luck Spring cleaners!



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