To the Dogs!

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To the Dogs!

Grocery Shop. Peel Potatoes and brine the bird. Set the table. Cook. Clean. But wait, there must be more to Thanksgiving than food? Ah, but yes. The Dog Show!

It's my absolute, hands down, favorite thing to watch on TV EVER!  The Annual Purina Dog Show.  Every Thanksgiving, I cozy up with my family and a good bottle of bubbly to watch the parade of adorable, funny, scary, and unusual dogs prance around the ring.  Gigundo dogs. Teeny tiny dogs.  Dogs with no hair.  Dogs with funny hair cuts.  And dogs with so much hair you aren't really sure there's a dog in there at all!  What a great way to take a kitchen break and enjoy time with those you love the most.  A sneak in a little knitting time, too.


The Show is divided up into several groupings - hunting dogs, working dogs, toy dogs, etc.  My favorite group is, of course, the Terriers.  I watch with fingers crossed each year as the Westies (like my Petunia) and Cairns (like my Tatonka) make their appearances.  So far, neither has won the Terrier group, let alone the all-around competition.  But last year, the little West Highland White terrier made it to place; 3rd I recall.  And its always a kick to see the newly recognized AKA breeds.  So far, Labradoodles haven't been included; considered a 'designer' breed.  Don't tell Lily that.


This Thursday, I'll be joined by granddaughters Sophie and Claire for the competition.  They both love brunch, so we'll indulge in a few of their favorites while we cheer on the pretty puppies.  Sophie asked for bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls, donuts, hot chocolate with marshmallows, scrambled eggs and "Daddy cereal" (the girls aren't allowed sugary cereal, but Daddy gets all the Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms he wants).  May have to select a few faves, so as to leave room for turkey later.


Unfortunately, the watchers will not include Petunia (my Westie).  She doesn't get that the dogs on TV aren't real, and barks incessantly, thinking they're invading her home.  Poor Tunie.  She'll be OK in the other room with a good bone.


Woo Hoo!  Bring on the dogs!!!




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