Viva la France!

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Viva la France!

Off we go again! Jay and I are off for a fabulous, exotic, long awaited trip. And you can bet that adventure will include some knitting!

Lucky me!  Nearly three weeks with my favorite person (hint - its my husband), exploring and tasting Provence, then cruising along the southern borders of Spain and Portugal.  So many things I'm looking forward to.  Lots and lots of French bubbles and red wine.  Yummy!!!  A day at the beach, sipping rose whilst eating smelly soft cheese and baguettes. A drive to the French Alps - my sweetie tells me its breathtaking.  Perhaps a visit to the Rose Chapel featured in the DaVinci Code.  Oh yes, a winery or two.  That'll do France up well - on to Spain.  The sights of Barcelona for sure.  On board our cruise ship, my favorite morning deck walks (the best way to exercise).  Pool time.  A cooking class in Morocco. UNESCO sites.  And my favorite morning activity - knitting on the balcony while my dear sweet husband enjoys his favorite pass time - sleeping in.


There's nothing quite like it. Waking up early as the ship moves into port and the sun comes up, knitting.  Mornings are usually not too hot, and its so peaceful to work my needles while watching the new city come into view.  But what to knit?  Several years ago, I made the mistake of taking a cashmere scarf to work on.  Very fluffy in the hot weather.  So this time, I'm thinking a sock or two.  Maybe a lace shawl (not too complicated).  There is a MKAL that starts the day we fly out - Casapinka's The Crown Wools.  Six of twelve clues come out while abroad, so that might be fun.  It'll force me to use my tablet rather than a printed pattern, putting my hi-tech knitting skills to the test.  And I do love a good mystery.


So that's 4 projects already.  And I'm sure something else will peak my interest in the next two days.  Guess I need to make room in my suitcase.  Who needs clean underwear?!


Tune in two weeks from now for pictures of knitting in paradise.  Bon voyage!




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