What Clue Am I On?!

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What Clue Am I On?!

My favorite Spring knit! The annual Romi Mystery Shawl. Yarn selected, Clue one complete and Clue 2 well under way. And then . . . oh dear. Let me tell you a story.

If you've been reading my blog for the past few years, you know that I love a good mystery knit.  And at the top of that list are the annual mystery shawls by Rosemary Hill (Romi).  Nine in all, each year there's something unique in the design to learn, expanding my knitting prowess just a touch.  A new, fancy stitch, a unique use of shape or color, a different cast on.  Always something fun to look forward to.  This time (so far, as I'm still on Clue 2), its a new way to make bobbles.


When I first discovered these mystery knits, I was immediately enthralled.  All it took was the word 'mystery,' and I was hooked.  So hooked, in fact, that I suggested the Rose City Yarn Crawl create an annual RCYC mystery knit and crochet along.  You're welcome!  Any designer, didn't matter.  Mostly shawls, but I did take on a sock once.  That was fun - took it along on a summer vacation, frequently enlightening folks to the world of mystery knits when they asked what I was making.  "Not sure; it's a mystery!", which left them dumbfounded until I explained that no, I didn't have to knit something blindly.  Over the years, I've narrowed it down a bit.  Certain designers (who shall remain unnamed) were not my thing.  I began waiting to see the Spoilers on Ravelry before deciding to invest my time and precious yarn.  Sadly, I have several undertakings that are stuck in the middle of completion, having seen where they were headed and unspired to continue.  One - a Stephen West MKAL, is nearly done, but I ran out of yarn (I gauged and bought the right amount, but dear Stephen's calculations were a tad bit off).  Rosemary's designs, however, never take me there.  All but one have made it to the end, eventually.


That brings us to this year's adventure - "It's a Mystery Shawl Nine."  As soon as the announcement came out, I bought the pattern and designated the yarn I'd use.  Last year was the year I didn't finish - so much going on that I just did not have the time.  Weird, right, given the forced at-home time created by the pandemic.  But alas, I was a one man band at the yarn shop, shipping all the essentials to fellow makers stuck at home, so no time to knit.  I did buy the Year Eight pattern and started Clue one, but did not get far.  The perfect set up for this year's mystery.  I frogged what little I'd done last spring, and am using the same yarn.  Alpha B's deliciously soft and yummy Sexy B - baby alpaca, silk and cashmere.  And what else would it be but pink!


Here's the thing.  As you may know, I'm extremely distractable when it comes to my knitting.  A new yarn or pattern far too easily takes me down a different path.  Even when it's Romi's mystery shawl knit, I can be pulled off task.  And that's just what happened.  As I was getting started on Clue 2 (I finished up the first one on time, and was anxiously awaiting the second to drop), whabam!  Shetland Wool Week introduced the 2021 Kep design.  I was immediately pulled into color matching, trying to figure out what colors of Spindrift to use for the five versions knit originally with other Shetland yarns - the topic of my next blog post.  But what's pertinent here is that my progress on Clue 2 came to a screeching halt.  Yikes!  In an attempt to get re-motivated, I did something I never do with a Romi mystery.  I peeked at the Spoilers.  But rather than deterring me from moving forward, I was once again fired up to keep knitting.  This is one pretty design that I very much want to finish.


So here's where I'm at, and my plan to cross the finish line.  My shawl is 2+ clues behind - Clue 4 came out last Friday, and I'm at the tail end of the second. That means a new, unique to me schedule.  Woohoo!  I've not peeked at the actual pattern specifics for Clues 3 and 4, so will pretend that Clue 3 comes out this Friday.  I'm also realistic about my ability to self-discipline and not be drawn in by other enticing projects. Hence, two weeks rather than one to get through each remaining clue.  Phew!  I'm feeling confident that a completed It's a Mystery Shawl Nine will see the light of day.  Wish me luck!




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