What The . . . ?

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What The . . . ?

A new Mystery Knit-Along – Andrea Mowry’s ‘What the Fade.’ Woohoo! But whoa, wait a minute. What does the designer mean ‘ do not (at the end of the row) turn, slide stitches back to beginning of row.’? Attach a new ball of yarn and knit across the stitches again?! Oh no, its Brioche!

Now I love a new challenge, pushing myself to knit outside my comfort zone and learn new things.  That’s how I discovered cables are stupid simple, stranded colorwork is really easy and fun, and lace really isn’t as daunting as it looks.  But I have heard nothing but horror stories about Brioche.  Mostly that it’s a bitch when you make a mistake. Oh dear. I’m notorious for humming along, only to discover at the end of the row that I flubbed up somewhere.  I’ve gotten quite proficient at finding and fixing my goofs.  And man oh man, do I love a good MKAL.  Maybe Brioche is not as challenging as everyone makes it out to be?


WRONG!!!  I started Clue 1 not once, not twice, not thrice, but FIVE times.  Each time I made it a few rows farther than before.  And I got quite good at the i-chord Tab Cast On.  My saving grace, finally?  I started deconstructing the stitches, figuring out what they should look like so as to repair them when they got wonky.  I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (someone who saw me doing brioche asked if I would teach a class on the technique, to which I soundly laughed), but I’m getting by.  If you look closely, you can find where I winged it, just striving for the right stitch count.  But so far, I haven’t had to Frog it and start over for the sixth time.  Knock on wood.


And the bright shiny object that keeps me in it?  The yarn.  Beautiful, colorful, deliciously soft Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles.  So forgiving of my many mulligans.  Haven’t had to throw out an inch of string.  My colors are Abstract, Fool’s Gold, Genie, Hula Hoop, Bee’s Knees and Jelly.  Lots of pink swirling around.  So I persevere and march forward.  Wish me lots of luck!


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