Words To Live By

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Words To Live By

New year, new promises. And the challenge to live up to them. Rather than try to achieve something and inevitably falling short, I'm going to enjoy the journey this year.

Years ago, I abandoned the practice of making New Year’s resolutions.  Lofty promises to make changes or improvements – commitments that always ended in failure, at least for me.  Rather, I’ve adopted annual words to live by.  ‘Healthy’, ‘Joyful’, ‘Peaceful’, ‘Graceful’, ‘Simple’ – just a few of the mottos I’ve tried to live by each day.  For 2018, it was ‘Finish Things.’  And I did pretty good.  A sweater, several pairs of socks, a couple shawls, and a bunch of hats (including four just in time to give as Christmas gifts) – not as many finished projects as started projects, but definitely an improvement for me.  While very satisfying to free up a set of needles and a project bag, what I discovered was that the journey was as, if not more enjoyable as the feeling of accomplishment at the finish line.  So not only a successful year of living by my ‘finish things’ creed, but an added aha moment, rediscovering the joy of the process.  Score!


So what’s my 2019 word to live by?  Well, inspiration came on December 28th during my favorite morning routine – watching the Today Show with puppies curled up nearby, a piping hot cup o’ Joe, and of course, whilst knitting.  Today Show host Craig Melvin announced that the oldest WW2 Veteran (and likely oldest living man in the US) had died.  Richard Overton lived to the ripe old age of 112.  Craig had interviewed Richard several years prior, and asked him what his secret to life was.  While extolling the benefits of daily cigars and whiskey, he shared that, his greatest realization as he moved through life was to “enjoy the journey.”  So simple, yet so profound.  After all, what good is your life if you don’t enjoy it along the way.


And there you have it.  In 2019, I’m going to joyfully, peacefully, and gracefully enjoy the journey.  Rest assured, it’ll have lots of fabulous needles and lovely string involved.  And perhaps a wee dram or two of aged Highland scotch, just for good measure.  Can’t wait to see where it takes me!




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