By Hand Serial: Issue 1, Portland Oregon

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Introducing By Hand Serials - a series of books for those who revel in making, learning, and honoring the talents of others. Andrea's beautiful books take you on virtual journeys thru the fiber and fabric industries in these communities of makers from around the world, as well as introduce you to artists of other mediums who share a philosophy of functional beauty. Each issue of By Hand includes patterns, projects, and tutorials, as well as lovely photography, day trips, culinary discoveries, and essays exalting the unique qualities of the featured city or region. Local Indy dyers, designers, companies, and yarn stores - what makes our home town a plethora of treasures for fiber lovers. In By Hand Issue #1, you'll find recipes, exclusive knitting designs, and other fun hand-crafted projects. Discover some of the artists who define Portland's thriving creative community, including a pastry chef, an indigo dyer, a letterpress designer, and a team of ceramics artists. Topped off with a photographic day trip to Timberline Lodge. Ahh, the unparalleled beauty and diversity of our beloved Portland, Oregon.

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