Book: Knit One Below

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Knit One Below introduces a new and exciting way for knitters to combine colors, weights, fibers, and types of yarn into wonderfully flexible fabrics. The technique alternates one simple action, knitting into the stitch one row below the stitch on the needle, with either the basic knit or purl stitch. When worked in alternate rows of two colors or two yarns, columns of color appear on one side of the fabric and a mys¬terious integrated mix on the other. ,A strong group of projects for the entire family spot¬lights the technique. The shapes are simple, the fin¬ishing is minimal, and the fabrics will be worn and enjoyed. Although many are easy enough for new knitters, some projects go beyond the basic stitch, adding cables, felting for bags, working color in intarsia fashion, and swirling the columns into socks and hats. In addition to her clean, European sense of design, Elise brings solid knitting skills to finding just the right way to seam a shoulder or add a closure. These innovative details hold the interest even of experienced knitters.

164 pages
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