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Within the lavishly photographed pages of knit, Swirl!, designer Sandra McIver presents 18 designs that flatter all figures, each based on the innovative one piece, one seam circular construction she calls a 'Swirl'. Using simple knitting techniques, she creates elegant sweater jackets in four dramatic silhouettes and three flexible sizes. Swirls are fun to style and may be worn in a variety of ways-some even upside down! Clear step-by-step pattern instructions and detailed schematics make knitting a Swirl a simple pleasure.

It is astonishing that only simple knitting skills are needed to knit this most sophisticated of all sweaters-.I believe this sweater is destined to become one of the most oft-knit, beloved and reliable knitting designs in history. -Cat Bordhi

As clever a book as it is gorgeous, knit, Swirl! presents a masterful use of simple knitting techniques to create a garment that - as I can personally attest - feels magnificent, showcases yarn to its fullest, and flatters all figures. Sandra's Swirl is, indeed, the new Miracle Sweater.-Clara Parkes

Stunning garments, beautiful photography, and endless variations on an innovative theme - this book is flawless. Sandra's sweaters combine the perfect blend of simplicity and figure flattering shaping to entice knitters of all skill levels and sizes. -Cookie A

The scope of work included in these pages is absolutely staggering. The presentation of Sandra's work is at once thoughtful, intuitive and beautiful. An instant classic and a true treasure in our genre. -Jared Flood

Like the origami master who cuts a square of paper and finds a universe within its magical folds, Sandra McIver has created a unique sweater construction that is inspired and inspiring. From a single shape she proposes a wardrobe of possibilities through pattern directions that are as much roadmaps of the designs as they are a foundation for the knitter's own invention. You won't be able to resist the urge to pick up needles and yarn. -Catherine Lowe

208 pages, hardcover
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