Book: Solefull Socks

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The eighteen patterns in this book will take your sock knitting in a new direction — literally! Instead of the conventional toe-up or top-down methods, you can now simply knit out from the middle of the sole, up over the foot and on up the leg, with no breaks for the heel and no stitches to pick up. You’ll view your sock toes in a whole new way when you knit from the ground up! Betty Salpekar has taken the age-old problem of worn-out sock soles and turned its practical solution into a platform for artistic expression. Her solefull sock architecture bends colorwork, traveling stitches, lace, and even plain stripes into new and fascinating forms. With copious illustrations, clear chart layout diagrams, detailed instructions, and helpful sizing tips, the knitter's only quandary is choosing which pattern to knit first.
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