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Delicious Yarns at For Yarn's Sake

Delicious Yarns is the brain and belly child of Marcy Winter and Jacqueline Pinson.

It started in the pots and pans of Stitch Café, a cozy little knit shop in Valley Village, California with a studio/kitchen that holds dyeing workshops and various other classes.  Though Jacqueline had been making many palatable potions in her time as a dyer at Stitch Café, it wasn’t until Marcy took ownership of the shop in 2008 that the dreamy dishes you see now came out of the oven. Marcy’s vast knitting and crochet experience, paired with her keen eye for style and design brought just the right spice and specificity to Jacqueline’s “pinch of this and dash of that” ways. 

With a shiny new set of measuring spoons, the two set about making the kind of yummy yarn they had always wanted to work with – savory tones with a touch of tang to keep things exciting, and multi-fiber feasts of color tinged texture.  We hope you find them as filling and satisfying as we do!

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