Little Gidding Farm


The Beginning

Sue had always knit. Margaret and Sue had always had a love of textiles of all sorts. Both had taken dyeing classes at the University of Minnesota together. With a love of textiles and color, Margaret Long and Sue Simonton went looking for the ultimate fiber. What they found was suri alpaca. Now to be clear, suri alpaca can be wonderful and awful, as all fibers can. So they started learning on a curve that went (and continues to go) virtually straight up!


The Goal

Suri alpaca bred to the highest standards. Fleece as fine as 16 micron. To improve the fleece to a degree of fineness and consistency not thought possible and, produce the finest suri yarns available. To solve the difficulties of processing such fine, long and silky fibers into a consistent line of yarns. The result is heaven in your hands!



Then along came Margaret's husband, the engineer and math geek! Dean set about finding a way to increase production for wholesale distribution while maintaining the quality and character of hand-dyed skeins. He engineered and built the dye-house of their dreams! We can now dye 76 skeins of yarn a time and then…he automated it so we can start it from a smart phone or computer!


The Yarns

All our yarns are 100% U.S. sourced. They are all processed in Hastings, MN at Rach-Al-Paca Fiber Processing. They are all dyed here on the farm in Lester Prairie, MN with virtually no environmental impact! We even recycle the dye water!