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Cashmere is our passion

When Lux Adorna founder Heidi Hennessy first started knitting with cashmere over a decade ago, she knew there was no going back. The feel of luxurious cashmere running through her fingers while knitting was unmatched.  She was hooked.

Unsatisfied by the monochrome muted colors of factory produced cashmere yarn, she began experimenting with color by hand plying single strand cashmere on her trusty Ashford Traditional spinning wheel.  What turned out was a stunning multi-tonal yarn that gave even the simplest projects a richness of character and depth of color.  Word got out about her bold, rich in color hand plied cashmere among her local knitting community and not too long after, she was selling her exclusive yarn to yarn shops, traveling to trade shows and selling on the web around the world.

Today, the team at Lux Adorna Knits creates its 100% cashmere yarn in the same tradition of how it all started.  Our highest quality fiber is still plied at our facility in Boise, ID with our hands caring for every skein we make.  Our love of luxury fiber, rich saturated color, fresh design and hand knitting continually drives us to create fashionable and intuitive knitting patterns and new colors of cashmere yarn to share with our worldwide knitting community!  

Lux Adorna Knits  
Putting Colorful Luxury into the Hands of Creative Maker

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