Shalimar Yarns


Shalimar Yarns is a hand dye yarn company – committed to the handcraftsmanship of luxury yarns and colorways. Our products can be found in local yarn shops, with our select online retailers, and directly through our Shalimar Updates.

The Shalimar journey began in 2007 with a partnership with our very first yarn mill. From the time we opened our doors, Shalimar has always worked with custom milled yarns – a broad range of exclusive and exceptional weights and luxury fibers – designed to our exacting specifications of beauty, versatility and outstanding hand. These luxury bases are then hand dyed in our unique and identifiable color palette, developed as repeatable, consistent color ways.

Our knitting background brought us to yarn, but our prior 7 year ownership of an LYS gives us a unique perspective and understanding of the LYS community. We are proud to be part of the local yarn shop owner family – a diverse and talented group of people with tons of moxie!

Retail yarn shops are the lifeblood of the knitting industry. Without them we would all be poorer in inspiration, assistance and in furthering our craft. Please show your support for this industry by patronizing your local yarn shop. And if you don’t find Shalimar Yarns there, mention it to the shopkeeper…we’ll be glad to assist!

Whether you are a LYS or a customer friend who has purchased from our updates, our number one goal is for you to be thrilled with your Shalimar purchase! Thank you and welcome to the Shalimar family!

Kristi and Paul