Copy of JaMpdx Hand-painted Shot Glass, Night Magic

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In step with the 2023 Rose City Yarn Crawl theme, Magic, these lovely hand-made mugs reflect our shop's own magical inspiration this year - Erin Morganstern's fabulous novel, "The Night Circus." In keeping with the bright red accents against white and black that marks the Circus' followers, the Reveurs, a lovely red yarn ball decorates mini dish, and a red scarf drapes over the edge. Perfect for those ever-escaping stitch markers, or your favorite tea spoon.

Each piece is lovingly crafted by Portland artists Meghan and Jen of JaMpdx. Their designs are functional and decorative, made using fine porcelain clay and thrown on a potter's wheel. The duo uses cake decorating techniques to pipe decorations directly onto the pots, as well as underglaze painting and brushwork. Each piece is handcrafted and meant to be used and enjoyed.

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