HerStory Sock Club, Sock: September 2021, Sonia from the Block

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The HerStory Sock Club was born out of a desire to learn more about women who have made a difference, the unsung heroines. In 2021, HerStory is all about showcasing women who've devoted their lives to making the world a better place, paving the way for the next generation of world-betterers. We're quite excited about the list of fabulous Hers being highlighted this year, and can’t wait to tell their story in color!

September honors Sonia Sotomayor - the third woman, the first (and currently only) woman of color, and the first Latina to serve on the Unted States Supreme Court.  Time and time again, Justice Sotomayor has argued in favor of equity and fairness, handing down rulings with a strong yet balanced hand, advancing the causes of justice and equity.  She's a role model for all young women, in particular young women of color.  As we all navigate this often difficult world, may we remember that fighting for what is right is never wrong, and may we all look to Justice Sotomayor for inspiration and guidance.

The Sonia from the Block colorway was inspired by the Puerto Rican street art in Sotomayor's beloved Bronx - the colors and visual textures that reflect and inform the culture of the Nuyoricans that live there.

Sheep to skein, 100% US sourced, locally dyed fiber.

100% US sourced SW Merino Wool
420 yards / 113 grams7-8 stitches per inch on US 1-2

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