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Have you ever come across a yarn you just can’t live without, but don’t have a specific pattern in mind to tell you how much yardage to buy? Fret no more! Hannah Fettig’s ingenious Stashbot – an 8-page booklet chalked full of priceless knitting information – will help you determine how much yarn to buy, and save you from purchasing too much, or (heaven forbid) too little of that can’t-live-without yarn. And even batter, Hannah has included important information to keep your stash useful, as well as an article describing her stash psychology, with tips on how to change your stash for the better. A must have for every knitter! This little gem includes yarn requirement averages for gauges 3-8 stitches per inch, and includes the following categories: • Vests, shrugs, and cropped, average and tunic length sweaters in sizes 3 months to 60 inch bust circumference. • Hats, socks and mittens in sizes infant to XL adult • Neckwear in 3 average dimensions
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