Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 4: Log Cabin

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Log cabin knitting has been a huge part of our lives. Before we learned this simple yet revolutionary technique, neither one of us would have dreamed of sitting down with a batch of colors of a yarn we love, casting on, and just knitting. Log cabin never disappoints. In the many years that we’ve been knitting this way, log cabin always leads to something interesting and beautiful, for both the knitter and the lucky person who gets the finished piece. Our kids have grown up dragging log cabin blankets around the house in the morning. Our sofas would look naked without short stacks of folded log cabin blankets, waiting for someone in need of a snuggle. We have knit log cabin rugs for the floor, and cushions for hard chairs. We have knit small log cabin blankets for babies, and even smaller ones for dogs and cats. Log cabin is a technique that gives a knitter the ability to play with color and pattern, using only the most basic knitting skills. To get in on the fun, you just need to know these techniques: Cast on. Garter stitch. Bind off. Pick up stitches. That’s it! Log cabin is play. Log cabin is painting, but with yarn. We thought a lot about how to teach log cabin knitting in the easiest, most beautiful way possible. This pocket-sized book is the result of that effort, and of the many years we’ve been knitting and loving this technique.
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